Pay online and save time with the Speedpay program!

What is Speedpay?

Speedpay allows you to pay your mortgage online in minutes. The program credits your loan in a timely fashion and dramatically reduces the time it takes for the mortgage company to receive your payments.

How Does Speedpay Work?

Payments made by 6 p.m. ET are applied to your loan the same day. Payments made after the designated hours will be accepted, but will not be applied to your loan until the following business day. The cost for this service is based on date of payment:

FREE - for payments made on or before 6 p.m. ET the 1st business day of the month for current customers.

$5.00 - for payments made before 6 p.m. ET the 2nd business day through the 13th day of the month.*

$12.00- for payments made before 6 p.m. ET the 14th through the end of the month.*

If late charges are owed, they will be collected with each payment.

If you are making two payments when two are due, the $12.00 fee will be charged.

*Fee subject to change without notice.

*Unless otherwise restricted by state law.

What are my savings?

Time and Late Fees. Speedpay is a great alternative to the U.S. Post Office if you are running late with your monthly payment and want to avoid a costly late fee.

How do I Get Started?

  1. Gather your check book and mortgage payment coupon book (you'll need your 10-digit loan number).
  2. Read the "Usage Agreement" thoroughly and click "OK."
  3. Access Speedpay by entering your 10-digit loan number from your coupon book, and your Social Security number.
  4. Confirm the name of the account holder and enter the following information from your check:

***Please do not include the check number when entering your account information, as it will cause your payment to be rejected and will delay the processing of your payment***

Speedpay check example.
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