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Important Property Tax Information

Tax information for any homeowners with tax escrow accounts

PNC Mortgage's tax payment process is highly automated, with the exception of the state of Pennsylvania, so we do not require your regular real estate tax bill in order to pay your taxes.  


If you reside in the state of PA, please forward your bills to the following address:

        CoreLogic Tax Service
        Tax Department-0046586 
        P.O. Box 961242 
        Ft. Worth, TX 76161-9839  

Or please fax your bill to 817-826-1697 


If you reside in any other state, PNC Mortgage does not need your tax bill to process payment of your real estate taxes. However, if you receive an additional tax bill (some known examples are listed), please forward these bills to the following address:

        PNC Mortgage, a division of PNC bank
        P.O. Box 1820 
        Dayton, OH 45401-1820     

Or please fax your bill to 855-295-7866


Examples of additional tax bills include:

        CA, NJ, and VA supplemental bills
        Cook County, IL pay-by-legal bills
        MD ground rent bills


If you reside in Bucks County, PA and receive a tax claim notice, please fax it to  (817) 826-1697 or mail it to CoreLogic Tax Service at the address above. We must have this letter in order to pay your taxes to Bucks County. If we do not receive this notice, the county may reject our payment which could result in further penalties being pulled from your loan.

If you reside in IN, please do not send in your voluntary tax bills. PNC will not be paying the voluntary tax bills because they do not have a legal due date set in which the taxes are due. PNC will be paying the taxes once the legal economic loss date has been set.


Refund Checks

Any refund checks should be forwarded to the following address:


Regular Mail                                       Physical Address for Overnight 

PNC Mortgage                                      PNC Mortgage  
Tax Department B6-YM13-01-7              Tax Department B6-YM13-01-7
PO Box 1804                                       3232 Newmark Drive 
Dayton, OH 45401-1804                        Miamisburg, OH 45342





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