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Hurricane Information and Submitting Claims


Preparing for a Hurricane

How do you prepare for a Hurricane? Here are some important tips to follow.

Plan ahead

It's important to make sure that everyone knows what to do during a hurricane. By discussing your plan everyone will be prepared when the hurricane hits.

Food Supply

Make sure that you have at least a two week supply of nonperishable food on hand. You'll want foods that do not require refrigeration or cooking.

Be sure to keep canned foods in a dry area where the temperature is cool. For boxed foods, store in tightly closed containers so they will keep longer.

You will need to keep a supply of utensils and plates to use. Also important is bottled water for drinking. 3 gallons per person is a good starting point.

Securing your home

Windows will need to be boarded shut. Taping windows is important and will help prevent shattering.

Electric power should be turned off to avoid a fire.

Check flashlights and radios to insure the batteries are in working order.

Car should have a full tank.

Procedures for filing an Insurance Claim

In the event your insurance company has processed your claim and has issued you a loss claim check, please click here for our Loss Claims Checklist.

Additional questions can be directed to Customer Service at 1-800-822-5626. You may also direct additional inquiries to our Customer Service team by clicking on Contact Us from our website.

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