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Payoff FAQ's

Payoff Information

How do I contact the Payoff Department?

To request a payoff statement please fill out the short request form by clicking here. You may also speak with one of our Payoff Representatives by calling 1-877-PAYOFFS (729-6337).


Does PNC Mortgage hold the deed to my property?

No. You should have received a copy of the Deed after the closing on your loan. The original Deed was sent for recording at the Recorder's Office of the county in which your property resides. The Deed was then returned to you. You may obtain a copy of the recorded Deed from your County Recorder's Office.


How long does it take to receive the remaining funds in my escrow account after my loan is paid in full?

A check will be issued within 30 days from the date your loan is paid in full.


If I am closing on my house, or have requested a Payoff Statement, do I still need to make my payment this month?

Yes. It is important that you continue to remit your monthly payment as you normally would. If your payment is remitted using our Electronic Funds Transfer program, it is important to notify us as least 10 days in advance of the next scheduled draft so your EFT can be canceled. Should the payment be deducted from your bank account after your loan pays in full, we will return it to you within the following two weeks.


What is a loan assumption?

An assumption is a transaction in which a person takes over responsibility for the loan exactly as it is. The terms, interest rate, principal balance and monthly payments do not change. The monthly payments are made without lapse.


When will I receive the papers verifying my loan has been paid in full?

A thank you letter for paying your loan in full is mailed the following business day after the payoff is received. If applicable, all "paid off" documents will be sent to you in approximately 90-120 days from the date your loan is paid in full, unless your state requires they be held your by County Recorder's Office.


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